Daily Poetry 2017

Hi. I’m Camari and I am a writer. I have embarked on the #poemaday2017 challenge.

I will write a poem everyday for the year 2017. Some will be good, some will be not so good, but all of them will be written fresh daily.

From the heart, mind, and disciplined pen.

Follow the journey. I’d love to have you join me.


Self sabotage 

My sabotage looks like intentional wasted minutes 

Eating black cherry ice cream before bed

Facebooking before writing

Worrying before praying

Me holding myself back looks like fearing the outcome of an opportunity that hasn’t presented itself

Making a viable list of why it wont work and using it as my to do list 

I self sabotage by knowing the steps it takes to reach my goal and doing everything opposite of it

How do i stop?

Funeral for creatives

Everyone downtown wears black

Cascades of mourners

Flood out open elevators onto crowded streets 

Where rivers of grievers pour into an ocean of lost dreams

They gather in memoriam of their goals slaughtered at the hands 

of purposeless jobs

Replaying the decisions that crucified them

A flock of artists 

flopped down on conveyor belts and rolled into a furnace that burns away creativity until shined by boredom

A boring silver 

Everyone is the same


Depressed faces

all wishing they stayed true to who they were supposed to be

#101 (Show me)

show me your scars

and I will show you my tears

we can trade them like Pokemon cards

your pb and j for my spaghetti

all leftovers

all things I have

left over to you

show me your pain

and I will show you my weakness

let’s take off these heavy garments

and hopefully

run free in each other’s love